9 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring (Part1)

For centuries, hardwood flooring has been one of the most popular choices for flooring material in both residential and commercial spaces. Since then, there have been many other floor types introduced, including carpet, linoleum, ceramic tile, marble, slate, and laminate. With so many varieties of flooring available, choosing the right material for your floors can be an overwhelming experience. The key to making the right decision is being familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring. As a flooring company, we are well acquainted with many different kinds of floors. However, we believe that there is nothing compared to the quality, reliability, and richness of a wood floor. To help you understand why wood is the #1 choice for home flooring in Dallas, here are 9 benefits of hardwood floors.

1.Long Lasting

Wood is one of the strongest, toughest materials available, making it an incredibly durable option for home flooring. Contrary to other types of flooring such as carpet and laminate, wood flooring is made to last for decades. With the right finish, wood floors are immune to holes, most stains, and scratches. Its hardwearing nature makes it ideal for rooms with high foot traffic and active workspaces. Hard wood floors age beautifully and last through generations with minimal maintenance necessary.

2.Easy to Clean

Because they don’t accumulate dirt, dust, or debris, wood flooring is much easier to clean than carpet. A simple weekly cleaning routine with a broom, damp mop, and light vacuum can remove almost everything from mud to spilled liquid. The majority of wood flooring companies finish wood floors with a sealant that protects the flooring from stains and filth.

3.Better Air Quality

Because hard wood floors are easier to clean, they are also much more hygienic than their carpet counterpart. Carpets collect and produce dust mites, fleas, animal dander, pollen, and other particles, all of which can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers. If you have pets, you know that carpets also harbor unpleasant animal odors, which are almost impossible to eliminate. A quick sweep and polish of a wood floor removes any trace of these elements, maintaining clean, allergen-free air around your home or office.

4.Perfect for Under Floor Heating

Recently named the most efficient way to heat an indoor living space, under floor heating has become very popular in recent years. Wood provides a great medium under which the heating can be installed.

refinishing a wood floor

5.Easily Restorable

Once a carpet, tile, or laminate floor is damaged or worn, there is very little (if anything) that can be done to bring it back to life. In most cases, the flooring must be completely removed and replaced. However, if after a few years your wood flooring begins to look worn, dull, or scratched, a quick and simple sand and seal will make it look just like new. Not only does this extend the life of your flooring, but it also prevents you from needing costly floor replacements every few years.

Check back next week to read the second half of our 9 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring!