Step by Step Installation Process

Our day begins with a clean slate and bare floors so we leave furniture moving, packing and arranging to our clients. If you require moving and/or packing services we can help arrange an economical and convenient method.

STEP 1 – H&S will then proceed to cover (with plastic) any cabinetry or area so as to eliminate dust collection.

STEP 2 – Next, H&S will remove baseboards carefully and number them along with numbering the corresponding walls from which they were removed.

STEP 3 – While the baseboards are being removed other H&S team members will remove the existing flooring.

STEP 4 – After your existing flooring has been removed, the floors will be swept and vacuumed.

STEP 5 – Then we will lay a 6 mil plastic over the concrete. This is a moisture barrier. If Glue-Down flooring is selected, this is the time for the adhesive rather than plastic since the glue creates a protective barrier by itself.

STEP 6 – On top of the 6 mil plastic we will install a 5/8” plywood subfloor. Once the plywood has been secured to your concrete with a 1 1/2” long Aerosmith concrete nail, H&S will cover the plywood with a 15 lb. felt.

STEP 7 – We now install your new wood flooring.

STEP 8 – After your flooring is completely installed we will sand the entire floor in order to have a uniform surface to hand scrape or stain, whichever you have selected.

STEP 9 – If hand-scraping was selected, H&S will now start to hand scrape the floor to your liking. Also during this process we will lay down color samples until you find your color for your home. Once the hand scraping process is complete, H&S will screen (lightly sand the floor with a buffer) followed by a good vacuuming.

STEP 10 – Finally we apply the stain color you selected for your new floors. Followed by a good wiping in order to achieve a beautiful color.

STEP 11 – After the stain has dried, H&S will apply a coat of polyurethane over the wood floor. When the first coat of polyurethane has dried we will lightly sand the floor again and apply a second coat of poly.

LAST STEP – After the second coat of poly has dried we will install your baseboards, lightly sand the floor, vacuum and tack the floor and apply your final coat of polyurethane.