Holz & Stein Architectural Surfaces will consistently communicate with your architect, designer or a home owner during installation to answer all flooring or stone surface questions you may have.

We believe it is important to be proactive in communication, eliminating extra work and using time efficiently. Meeting the owner’s budget and allowances is a top Holz & Stein Architectural Surfaces goal.

Our Company

By working to incorporate all aspects of flooring and stone design, the team of Holz & Stein Architectural Surfaces easily develops relationships with you while communicating the language of our products and installation plans.

Knowing that each homeowner prefers different design elements, and has different lifestyle needs, Holz & Stein works to gain a true understanding of each client’s priorities and desires for their new hardwood floor or stone/marble counter-tops. By doing so, the installation/demo phase is less tedious, progresses faster, and is far more cost-effective.

Having a gorgeous interior isn’t enough though. It has to have a product that is functional as well. Holz & Stein will give your hardwood floors or stone surface that elegant style that survives the pleasant whirlwind of kids, pets and everyday life. Whether you’re designing a new home from the ground up or want to recapture the radiance of one special room, Holz & Stein Architectural Surfaces we’ll make that happen.

“Our approach is to install reliable products by using the most experienced, stable staff and crew members. During construction/installation, Holz & Stein will ensure that the work progresses in accordance with the schedule and that design decisions are communicated to keep ahead of construction so that the owner’s vision is met. With pride in providing incredible thought and overall layering of detail within your project, Holz & Stein will make your ideas or dreams come true quickly and economically”.

Holz & Stein Architectural Surfaces, LLC.