Stone Countertops

Shopping for custom counter tops in Dallas, TX? It’s human nature for all of us to be uncomfortable about making decisions regarding products or services for which we do not feel totally informed. Do we acquire a second opinion to validate our first or do we go with a “gut” reaction? Selecting your countertops is one of those things we may not be as versed in as we’d like to be. Not a problem with Holz and Stein because we have the people and knowledge to help you make the logical, rational decision you will feel comfortable making and one matching the application for which it was intended. Natural stone countertops such as granite, Soapstone, Marble or Onyx, and manufactured stone slabs like quartz vary in strength, wearability, texture and machinability. One variety may be the perfect color for the design but not the ability to withstand the high volume of traffic required while another may have an excess of durability but not meet the style. Spend some time going through the options available (below) in stone countertops. If you have questions about our custom countertops, please call (214)535-2521 


The word Marble is Greek in derivation and roughly translates to a “crystalized form of Limestone”. As testified to in viewing thousand year old buildings, statues and beautiful works of art, Marble will certainly endure the test of time. We offer marble custom countertops in Dallas.

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The second hardest stone known to man (next to the Diamond) is Granite. Because recent popularity in new home and commercial buildings is soaring, Granite has become one of the most popular stone choices. We offer granite custom countertops in Dallas.

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Quartz is THE most varied of all minerals occurring in different forms, habits, and colors and is the second most abundant mineral. More names given to Quartz than any other mineral. We offer quartz custom countertops in Dallas.

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Quartzite is an extremely hard rock that is not water-soluble or acid-soluble. A rock that has been altered by heat and pressure. Like a Diamond is formed, so is natural Quartzite. Hola and Stein offers quartzite custom countertops in Dallas.

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The most accepted gemstone definition describes Onyx as a solid black Chalcedony, or a layered black and white. But, as can be seen in the images, everything is not just Black & White. Holz and Stein offers onyx countertops in Dallas.

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Soap Stone

Are you seeking a beautiful, durable, naturally non-porous countertop that requires no maintenance? Soapstone is timelessly elegant, cleans up easily with soap and water, doesn’t stain, and is not affected by chemicals. We offer soapstone custom countertops in Dallas.

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Edge Selection

Your final stone selection is the correct edge to apply in order to accent and reinforce your style. Your Holz and Stein representative or designer will help with that selection. Custom countertop cuts available optionally.