Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Holz & Stein offers custom installation of engineered hardwood flooring in Dallas, TX and surrounding communities. Since Pre-Engineered floors can appear to look the same as natural wood flooring, what are the advantages? Good question and one that has to be found in the layering of the material used. Engineered flooring is constructed of layers of both natural wood as well as manufactured compounds because of their ability to withstand moisture, expansion, contraction and wear & tear. Thus, some costs are reduced because this application is not 100% naturally organic. The top veneer IS your selection of natural wood while the sub-layers are wood by-products such as plywood, HDF and/or solid, joined wood. Engineered flooring has minimal movement and superb stability throughout any seasonal changes and a great reason why it is used in basements and sub-surface applications, however, certainly not limited to those areas and extremely popular for all locations. All Engineered floors have micro-beveled edges so they fit flush and look as natural as solid wood floors using the tongue & groove design. All our flooring options are Eco Friendly as are the applications used to install. Engineered flooring is manufactured to meet or exceed CA Section 01350 compliance requirements. Contact us to get a free quote for engineered wood flooring in the Dallas, area.