Solid Hardwood Flooring

Holz & Stein offers custom installation of hardwood flooring in Dallas, TX. Solid hardwood is typically milled from a single (usually 3/4″ thick) piece of wood for its harmonious strength and pattern appeal. This continuous milling provides board lengths that appeal to most any design need. Just as typical is the Tongue & Groove edging that allows each piece to fit snugly and precisely and provides a final tight, outstanding look and very comfortable to walk on, even barefooted in the winter. Because of its beauty, natural hardwood floors are a great investment. Additionally, natural hardwood flooring is best installed at or above ground level rather than below. One misconception about natural hardwood flooring is that it costs more than engineered flooring because it is a solid, natural material. This is not always the case and the final cost determination for any flooring surface is the type of wood selected, finish desired, final coating option as well as pattern and plank width selection. Some of the species illustrated below arrive already pre-stained for color-match consistency throughout. Holz and Stein applies the final sealer on site after installation. Contact us to get a free quote on hardwood flooring in the Dallas, DFW area.

PLEASE NOTE: The Special Holz and Stein Collection of woods are hand-scraped (if you elect), cut and stained to your exact color specifications on site and then the final finish/sealer is applied. You have complete input over any and all finish, distressing, scraping and color and, because of that, this special group of woods has been excluded from the color filter below. To preview available color stain options you may CLICK HERE.